Mission Statement

Festivus has the purpose to execute live music events in an outdoor and indoor environment for music genres that have a real impact on the audience and have important relevance in the UK music culture.


Our aim to bring together likeminded people who have a love for the music and magical atmosphere created at our events, uniting everyone regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion or beliefs for events that will live long in their memories.

We aim is to deliver these with the combination of a good quality standard of event blended with an affordable price and showcase a variety of established world renowned performers alongside opportunities for up and coming performers to shine and gain exposure.


To delivery these events with the combination of being of a high quality and meeting expectations while being at an affordable price with flexible payment plans keeping it accessible to everyone.

To always showcase a mix of world renounced performers alongside up and coming artists allowing them a platform to shine and gain exposure.

To offer work to anyone in the community who may benefit the most from it whether it be economically or gaining experience

To have a diverse range of performers and staff representing the diversity within our audiences